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When asked what the biggest threat to the world is, it didn’t take long for billionaire investor Warren Buffett to come up with an answer: cybersecurity.

For Buffet, it isn’t nuclear weapons or natural disasters. It is cybersecurity, thanks to the increasing interconnected nature of our world.

Now, Buffett isn’t exactly someone who has a reputation for being tech-savvy: he has gone on record to express regrets about failing to realize the early potential of Google, Amazon, and other tech giants in their early days and he hasn’t exactly hidden his disdain for Bitcoin or crypto/blockchain (which many believe is the future “Internet”). Yet, Buffet strongly believes that cybersecurity is a lot more dangerous than nuclear weapons, nations going to war, and natural disasters. That’s worth paying attention to.

Perhaps, what’s of more importance is that the majority of Americans share Buffett’s sentiments: research by Gallup shows that about 70 percent of Americans are more worried about cybercrime than about violent crimes (such as terrorism, sexual harassment, and getting killed).

We live in a highly tech-driven world. Hostile nation-states can use technology to influence elections in another country without ever stepping foot. Hackers could literally incapacitate an institution without ever stepping foot in it. And tech companies could be worth billions with just a few employees and without ever selling a thing.

That is both ridiculous and fascinating at the same time. And it is why I love covering technology and cybersecurity.

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